Outsourcing of Accounting Services in Latvia:
More Beneficial than a Salaried Employee

We will prepare all reports in the best way possible and will submit them in due time
We will put your accounting in order and organise a competent and transparent accounting system
We will represent you at the state revenue service and will talk to them in the same professional language
We will offer you new ways of reducing costs and possible methods of control

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Why is outsourcing better
than a salaried accountant?

Economy of resources
Quality of work
In 80% of cases, CitrOn services are cheaper than expenses for a staff of salaried accountants
There are no expenses for training of a salaried accountant and for purchasing the required periodicals
You do not need to buy the licensed accounting software and update it regularly
When using our services, you do not need to cover an annual vacation and a sick leave of your accountant
You do not need to provide a workplace for your accountant, buy equipment and stationery, and pay for mobile communication
Save your time and effort by delegating tasks to professionals with a responsible approach to their work
Several specialists simultaneously, instead of one:
more experience and wider specialisation
You will not face a situation when your accountant is absent – we always have substitutes
Our services are insured and, in the event of errors on our part, the client will not be held responsible
Cooperation with different institutions is a considerable part of our work and we know the subtleties of fast solution of different issues
We guarantee the confidentiality of your commercial secrets
You are always presented with the full information on your funds: reports are made both for the tax office and the inner audit

When might you
need our services?

You need a full set of accounting services on a regular basis
You need a one-time consultation or service in the field of finances and accounting
You would like to conduct an internal audit and receive an independent assessment of the company’s operation
You need to plan taxes competently and optimise the tax burden
You are tired of constant fines and errors in accounting that cause losses
You need assistance in submitting your reports urgently or organising your accounting system
Your accountant has quit his/her job and you are still searching for an appropriate replacement
Temporary substitution of your accountants, while they are on an annual leave, a sick leave or a maternity leave

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Why is CitrOn selected in
outsourcing of accounting services?

We undertake
If your accounting is conducted by an off-the-books accountant on behalf of the director – you bear all risks and responsibility. It means fines and no guarantees. An agreement with us is an opportunity to make yourself safe.
Timely submission
of reports
We guarantee fulfilment of the work in time if you observe the agreement provisions. If anything goes wrong through our fault, we will cover all fines and undertake red tape in full.
Compliance with
international standards
CitrOn is a member of ВNI and Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We have been operating since 2011 and employ only persons with higher education in accounting and, predominantly, with legal experience.
We use
the best software
We work in the flexible system Moneo and provide customisation that allows you to change access codes any time and transfer the conduct of matters to a new accountant.
We have no
physical office
We work fully remotely. Therefore, you pay only for the accounting, without an extra charge for lease of premises, work of cleaners, water in a cooler and other maintenance costs.
We grant you
more time
We deal with all the questions; you only need to send us the documents in time – and CitrOn will take care of everything else. Enjoy dealing with your well-known business without having to dig into the intricacies of bookkeeping.

What are our
sectors of highest competence?

IT industry
Research centres
Provision of services
Taxpayers of
Marketing and
advertising agencies
Representative offices of
foreign companies
Field of services
Organisation of events
She has been in the accounting industry since 1994
Holder of the IPMA international certificate (project management) of level "С": certificate number LATV-C0100
Worked as Executive Director of HansaWorld Ltd, Head of the Operations Department, Finance Director of HansaWorld Group and Sales Director of AIG Life
Represented HansaWorld Latvija in the superior supervisory body of JA Latvija
Julija Brjuhanova
Founder of the CitrOn Company

Licenses and Certificates

We have documented proof of our
qualification and responsible approach

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